Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Rush of Wings

As I was putting a horse out the other morning I heard a sound like heavy rain coming across the field, or a sudden gusting wind through leaves on the trees. It was a clear morning with still air and I looked up to see a broad stripe of songbirds passing overhead as they flew southeast. There were hundreds, if not thousands of birds flying in the mass flock.

Winter seems to be pushing in early this year. The temperatures are colder than normal, we've had more rain sooner, and we've missed the indian summer days that usually accompany the early days of October. I admit I was sort of counting on having those days to spend with my horse. On him having those days to bask, snoozing in the warm sun. The birds are deserting us, heading for warmer areas to winter. The monarchs are heading for Mexico.

I'm sure the cold damp is hard on my horse. There is little doubt that he is feeling stiff and probably somewhat pained. I was hoping to let him go before every day hurt. To let him go knowing the good days outnumber the bad.

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