Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solar Energy

I took my horse's blanket off last night as the forecast is for several rain-free days. The nights are going to be cold, but he has shelter and will fluff up his coat to keep warm. The blanket he has doesn't fit properly, is badly designed and is the backup - though at this point it's more waterproof than the "good" blanket so he has to wear it when we get rain. He'd be due for a new blanket this year, but...

Today was a beautifully sunny day. The breeze was cool, but as long as I was moving around it was quite comfortable. I saw my horse snoozing in the sun, soaking up the rays before I brought him in and groomed him carefully.

I did ride today. We just walked around the hayfields and I let him grab mouthfuls of green stuff almost as much as he wanted. We have an arrangement that allows him to eat during rides (when invited) as long as he keeps walking. By this point he is very good at it. The green is starting to wilt after several nights with frost, but it's still green and apparently tasty enough. I greatly enjoyed the meander.

I told two more people today and invited them out to say their goodbyes. Two more to go and then I think that's everyone who needs to see him before the end. I am trying very hard to not count days. To not stress about telling the last few friends. To not let anything slip when I'm out with him around the barn. And most of all to not allow a nice day to go by without spending a large chunk of time with him.

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