Friday, October 30, 2009

You Were Well Loved.

It seems like yesterday. It seems like forever
That we met, that we have been together.
The times that we shared, the lessons we learned
From one, from the other, that shape who we are now,
We carry forward on our separate ways into the future.
I can no more force enduring life upon you
Than I can ask you to endure a life of pain
Because I am not ready to see you go.
I am not ready. I will never be ready.
And so I give you the last gift I have to give.
With human logic and power of reasoning
I can see the time to help you go is now.
I can help you pass in peace with dignity
Sending my wishes that your next wheel
Brings good fortune denied upon this turn.
And when you stand before our maker
Present my heartfelt thanks for the time we shared, you and I.
When you speak of the life you just lived
Stand tall, stand proud and know with certainty
You were well loved. You will be missed.

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